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About Us

About R4U Group (R4U Education) 

R4U Group (Ready for You) is a Global Trustworthy Independent Student Organisation accredited by the European Association of Quality Agencies (EAQA) and is recognised as an ICEF Agency with more than twenty years of experience.

R4U Group has partners, schools, institutions and universities around the world.  Partnerships from Malta, Ireland, UK, Italy, Andean countries, Russia, China, all had negotiated outstanding terms with R4U Group. Presently R4U offices are located in Brasil, Andean Countries, England, Ireland, Germany and Spain with its headquarters established in Malta. In few months time, the organisation is aspiring to open other offices globally.

Main Headquarters

Malta Headquarter Contact Numbers: (+356) 3550-0701
Web Site: www.r4ugroup.org e-mail: info@r4ugroup.org
Facebook: r4uorg


Throughout the years, R4U had been approached by a number of students, agencies and schools in order to negotiate package deals on educational business. Our products are mainly on undergraduate and postgraduate courses from European Colleges, Institutions and Universities – Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Malta, Spain and the UK together with other international colleges and universities from Brazil, UAE and the USA. Pathway programme areas amongst others include: Accounts and Finance, Business and Management, Human Resources, Marketing and Information Technology. R4U intends to open more pathway specialisations in near future. R4U also promote Language courses in countries like the UAE, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt and France. Those interested in teaching English Language in foreign markets, R4U is there  – ready for those interested to take the opportunity.

Major achievements/awards
R4U Group Awards – ICEF Agency
R4U Group Accreditations – EAQA, Schools Agents
R4U Group Recognition – ICEF, WEBA World, hothouse media, EDU Find me

Our Vision
Connecting with people all over the world coming from various fields and backgrounds, to share one cultural educational experience.

Our Mission
R4U Group supports students around the world to feel at home whilst experiencing cultural differences during the course of their studies. R4U Group promotes business with associates, partners and collaborators to ensure that students develop their career ambitions successfully.

Our students

Our students are the recipe of our core business and we would like to help them acquiring their future ambitions without limitations. Our fulfilment requires us to maintain our existing public relationships as well as establishing new ones.

Deciding the destination as where to study is a matter of choice but the commitment is totally ours for finding the right accommodation, health insurance, new cultural environment and life style transition, including social information on duties and obligations of the country. R4U ensures that prior signing any contract with customers, the delivery is totally to 100% customer satisfaction.


– http://r4ugroup.org

Facebook Pages:

– https://www.facebook.com/r4uorg


Our Staff

Alvaro Benevides

Executive Director R4U Group
Alvaro Benevides

Luciana Guedes

Marketing Director
Luciana Guedes

Michael Busuttil

Business Director
Michael Busuttil